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Monday, October 18, 2010

Racing for the Cure with My Sis

Do you see this person? I love this lady. She's my big sister. She does everything first and then tells me how to do it. She has always been the boss of me. Since we were 3 and 6 and she told me what to have my Barbies say. And I love her for it. She and her hubby Zac came in town this past weekend and Lauren and I ran the Race for the Cure together. We signed up for the "Elite" race. It was new this year for people who wanted to run the race and not walk. It had to be completed in 27 minutes or under. This is such an amazing event! This year there were over 45,000 racers! We are now the 3rd largest race in the world! Pretty amazing. Other than the race, we ate at our favorite, Loca Luna, and shopped at our favorite store, Antropologie. It was a blast and I really cherish EVERY minute with Lauren because soon, she will be moving all the way to Alabama to join a OB/ Gyn practice. I am incredibly proud of her and so very thankful to call her my sissy!


  1. Way to go! Under 27 minutes is so fast! I'm impressed!

  2. That is fast! I ran it a few years ago and I think it took me longer than that. Also, I went Anthropologie too, on your reccommendation! It IS painful though... too much stuff to love and ALL expensive.


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