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Monday, August 4, 2014

Shelby is 18 Months!

18 Months!  Ah!

Busy Bee- notice the leg bruises!

Little bitty Shelbs. I love you so much.  You are now 18 months old and it's as if the light was turned on in your little brain.  Words are spewing out of your mouth.  You are a copy cat and I love the proud face you make when we praise you.  Here are some things about you at 18 months.

  • Everyone comments on how wild you are.  However, they have no idea.  You run every where. It's your favorite mode of transportation.  I love how active you are and I don't mind at all that we are both tired at the end of the day.  I'm so thankful that you are healthy.
  • You also love to jump on your trampoline, dance, twirl, hang from things like a monkey, and you try to do front rolls.  I've already looked and I think you have to be 2 to do gymnastics.  You better believe we will be there February 1.  
  • You now have 6 teeth- 4 on the bottom and 2 on top.
  • You love to scream.  We are working on this.  I will hold my finger up to my mouth and say, "shh" and you will copy me.  I usually just ignore it if it's at home and you're having a tantrum. That pretty much always makes it stop.
  • You melted my heart the other day when I picked you up from the nursery at church.  You saw me from across the room and screamed, "Mommy!" and ran to me.  That was the first time you have done that.
  • You point at EVERYTHING and say, "is-at?" for "What is that?"  I love this game!  I love to watch you learn.
  • We have watched Sesame Street almost every day for about a year now.  Last week, you pointed at the TV and said, "Is dorty!" for "It's Dorothy!" who is Elmo's pet gold fish.  I knew you were watching but I had no idea you were comprehending.  So cool.
  • You also love Daniel Tiger which comes on right after Sesame Street.  We usually only watch one or the other.
  • You also give big kisses and say, "muah!" and give high fives to everyone who wants one.
I love you so much.  You're the best little baby girl on the planet!

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