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Monday, October 7, 2013

Shelby is 8 Months Old

Oh my goodness, Shelby June.  This has been a huge milestone month for you.  (You are so busy!  Look at your moving arms in this picture!)  I keep joking that I need to put out an Amber Alert because someone has taken my baby girl and replaced her with a big girl!  This is such a fun age!  You are so animated.  You smile at strangers in the grocery store.  You laugh at everything- but especially your daddy.  You love to facetime and giggle for the camera- what a ham!  Here is what you were up to during your 8th month of life:

  • You crawled for the first time
  • You pulled up to standing in your crib for the first time
(Let me insert here that both of these milestones were on the same day.  That was rough on your mommy!  I was not quite ready for these two things and my heart almost burst out of my chest!)

  • You love to put your hands over your head and scream and giggle
  • You make "de-de" noises in addition to the other noises you were already making... just waiting patiently for the "ma-ma" noises now
  • You LOVE to laugh.  I will laugh with you and we will get going and just have giggle fits.  That's my favorite.
  • You LOVE your puppies.  You kick and jump whenever we go outside to see them.  You will watch them and crawl up to them and pet them.  You love their collars and want to put them in your mouth- yuck!  They love you too.  Your daddy let you "ride" them around the room the other day and you thought it was hilarious.  We did too!
  • You pull up on EVERYTHING.  Especially the baby gate.  You like to talk to the puppies on the other side and scoot your toys underneath and then squeal for them.  
I love you so much.  Your daddy and I are so proud of you and in love with your sweet, infectious spirit.  We dedicated your life to God at church last Sunday and I didn't take ONE picture.  But, you were precious.  The verse we picked for your life after prayerfully considering it is:

Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation-
                   whom shall I fear?
                  The LORD is the stronghold of my life-
                   of whom shall I be afraid?

We love you, toot!

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