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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Destin Beach Trip

We went to Destin, FL the third week of May with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law and my twin nephews.  We had a blast!  There was lots of fishing and golf for the boys and shopping and babies for us girls.  We stayed pretty close to the outlets and I believe I went every day- sometimes twice.  I also used nap time as mommy's pool time and read a couple of books and drank Lime-a-ritas.  Those were fun afternoon "me" hours.  Here are a few pictures from the week!
Shelbs and daddy on the beach
She LOVED the water 

Building her first sand castle with daddy

Looking cool in Aunt Lauren's glasses
Our family on the last night

On Monday night, the guys stayed home with the kiddos and the "Gilberts" got to go out to supper together just the four of us at Pompano Joe's.  We had a blast- just like vacations past!
Little vacay nap on daddy
Memommy feeding 3 babies breakfast
3 busy babies
On Thursday, we went out on a date at Louisiana Lagniappe
Last night out to eat
We had such a wonderful time.  Too bad it was only 1 week.  Looking forward to many more trips to come!

16 Month Shelbs

16 Months! 

All silly, all the time
Oh my Shelby.  Here is what you and your 4 teeth are up to at 16 months:
  • You are officially down to one nap 
  • You are using real sippy cups and you love to drink water from cups and straws
  • Blueberries are your new favorite.  I was scared to give them to you because I thought you might choke but you will now grab handfuls of them and scarf them down.
  • I bought you your first pair of Keds.  They are precious and I love to watch you run around in them.  They are a size 5!
  • You can make noises for a dog "bow wow", a monkey "ew ew ew ah ah ah", and a lion "roar".
  • You love to sing Old McDonald- well the "eieio" part
  • For you, the answer to all questions is "yes"
  • If you don't want something you say, "mm- mm" for no and you will push whatever it is away.  It's so funny.
You're so much fun!!!!

Shelby 15 Months

15 Months!

15 Months!  One year and 3 months of life- one year and 1/4 of a year!  AHHH!  Here is what you were into:

  • You love to run- not walk- every where you go!  Mommy has to run to keep up with you because you are so fast!  You have the longest little legs, too.  
  • You're obsessed with water.  Baths, sinks, faucets, dog bowls, water cups.  You want to play in water any time, any where.
  • You ask to watch Praise Baby all the time.  You will point at the TV and say, "Pa- Ba Pease".  I have to say yes when you throw that "please" in there.  
  • You can sign, "please", "more", "all done", and "eat".
  • You also like to point at everything and say "dada" or "baba"
  • You are using sippy cups with bottle type, rubbery lids.  At our 15 month appointment, Dr. Bone told us to drop all the bottles completely and we did!  You did great.
  • You love chalk and bubbles or "bu-bu".
  • You love to say, "no, no, no, no, no".  It cracks me up.  And I really love it when you say it to the dogs.
  • You also will call the dogs!  "Be" for Bear and "Dis" for Midas.  
  • You also love your puzzles.  We clap whenever you put a piece in.
Love you, toot!

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