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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watch Fiasco

So, I don't save my receipts. I just don't. I LOVE to throw things away. I give things to Goodwill every 6 months. I just don't like excess. If I don't need it, I don't want it. Clean is good. Less is more. I don't save receipts.

I bought a watch 10 days ago at the Benton Target. It was a Mossimo watch and it was the only purchase I made that day. So, I immediately put it on my wrist and promptly threw away the receipt and box and other packaging. Watch is the one job that a watch has in life? To keep time! This watch did NOT keep time. Incidentally, I do believe I did purchase a man's watch. But that's another story. It was primarily meant to be an accessory anyway, but still. So, Matt talked me in to attempting to exchange the watch at Target. I also hate exchanging things. Really, really hate it.

So, I run in to the West Little Rock Target very quickly this morning. I find the same watch and I ask the nice man behind the counter if I can exchange with out my receipt. He says yes if I have the card I purchased it on. Of course I do! It's my Visa debit card- and I never leave home with out it! (Remember those commercials? Was that even Visa?) Anyhoo, I hand it to him. He scans it. I ask, "Did it come up in the system?" He says no. (I can only assume this is because I bought the watch in Benton.) So I give him my drivers license. He scans that. We move on. THEN, he picks up the watch that I wanted to buy instead of the Mossimo watch. Underneath the box is ANOTHER box. EMPTY. Someone had STOLEN a watch and put this watch box inside that watch box- make sense? So the nice man looks at me funny and says, "There is the box for the watch you bought!" Haha. I said, "Nope! I don't know where that box came from." He is quite suspicious of me at this point I'm sure. The new watch was also $5 cheaper, so I know he thinks that was my goal. Steal a watch, get a free watch, AND a $5 gift card. Believe me, I'm not smart enough to think of this whole scheme on my own. Anyhoo, I quickly finish the transaction and run to the door because I know at this point he's about to call security. And wouldn't you know, I left my debit card! He screams, "Ma'am! Your card!" I am so embarrassed.

Look people, none of this would have happened if I just had infinite funds and could purchase the exact same watch that Sandra Bullock wore in The Blind Side. It's what I remember most about that movie! And this is my second attempt to copy it. LOOOOVED it. That's all I wanted. My new $14 watch is a little bit closer to hers, but way big and I can't figure out how to take out the links. Help!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

PVCC Book Club and Other Nonsense

Matt's dreams have all come true! Besides marrying me of course, Matt's dream in life has been to be a member of a country club mainly for the purpose of playing as much golf as possible. His dreams came true in April when we joined Pleasant Valley Country Club.

I've played golf probably 4 times in my life. Each of those times were during our college years (4 years ago) and hadn't picked up a club since. Anyhoo, we picked up a set of starter clubs for me and I've been learning how to use them from him. It's really fun! I am starting to make contact with the ball MOST of the time which is obviously a good thing. No one likes to swing and miss, you know.

They have a wonderful gym too. That's what I have used the most. My previous gym in Maumelle was a bunch of meat head men who would stare at me while I trained for the half marathon on the treadmill. (The previous sentence is no statement about the way I look or anything, but I imagine in a room full of men, staring at the one woman who is running on a treadmill is a natural reaction.) Anyhoo I say all this to say that I was completely embarrassed in there every day and I probably lifted weights 10 times in the year that I was a member because it was so STINKING embarrassing to go over there with them all. I LOVE my new gym. They built it last year and it is clean and no one cares what you're doing and I can lift weights and do squats and abs and stretch and life is good. On another note, why can I not make a muscle appear on my left arm? I should flex for you sometime, 3 Summitt Family blog followers. It's pretty amusing.

But, my FAVORITE part about the club is the book club. It's a group of women who meet once a month and talk about the book they read the previous month and have cosmos and eat dinner. Everyone is in their 50's and up so it was really neat to get their perspective on the book we read. Last month was A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway about his time in Paris from 1921-1926. It was really good. This month is To Kill A Mockingbird which I still need to pick up. But the month BEFORE was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It is an AMAZING BOOK. In fact, tonight, I am going to watch the Swedish version with subtitles and I am super excited. I am going to attempt to make my way through the list of books they have already read- minus An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. Had I been a member of the group that month, I would have read it- borrowed from the library of course. But no way am I reading that bologna.
Anyhoo, I hope to catch up with them on this...

AN AMAZON KINDLE!!! I am pleading with my husband to purchase for me this precious (think Gollum from Lord of the Rings when reading "precious". Ew! Maybe I could read those books on my new Kindle!) for our anniversary so that I can download books and read from it. Favorite feature? That it can read to you- while getting ready in the morning or driving or whatever I may need to do. We threw around the idea of getting the ipad, but I really just want to read from it. I don't need another computer. The laptop I have had for 4 years that doesn't close and the screen is breaking and the wireless has to be disabled and reactivated just to get on the Internet works perfectly fine. :)
Ok, to sum it up, love PVCC- especially book club- love Matt -especially if he buys me a Kindle- and can't wait to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Swedish tonight.
That is all.

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