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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 Month Old Shelby June!

10 Months!!
Shelby!  Oh my word you are 10 months old.

  • You walk behind your walker so fast- you are so proud of yourself.  Ok I'm pretty proud of you too!
  • You say "uh-OH", "ma-ma", "Yi-da" for Liza, "da" for dogs, "eye" for eye and you touch my eyes!
  • You wave "Hi" and "Bye"
  • You walk up and down the couch and laugh and pat the couch
  • You mimic us all the time- you use the remote as a "phone" and talk to your friends- "He-yo? YA!"
  • You will kiss your baby- SO sweet!
  • We have had trouble keeping weight on you- you're so busy!  We started using bottles of breast milk and adding formula to them which is helping.
You are so silly!  You make me laugh EVERY day and I love every minute being with you.  Thank you for being such a sweet angel!

The picture below is your 9 month picture taken by Zach Cheatham.  We love it so much!

9 month pics

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