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Monday, February 16, 2015

Shelby's 2nd Birthday

Elsa Crown!

Elsa's Punch

Hans and Anna's Sandwiches

Olaf's Arms/ Sven's Snacks

Cristoff's Snacks

Elsa and Anna's Chocolate Cupcakes

Cookies made by mommy- "S's" and "2's"

My sweet Olaf's!

With Grammie and Pops

And Uncle Joe and Aunt Tiff

Olafs down the slide!

Some of your presents- an easel and a dress up chest

A princess 4 wheeler

And here was your surprise guest- ELSA!

She gave you a flower!

And read a story

And sang "Let It Go!"

You loved it!

And so did your brother cousins

And she gave you each a stamp on your hand

She even sang you "Happy Birthday!"

But then we had to say "Goodbye"

It was a magical day!!

Shelby is TWO!

I can't believe it, Shelby, but you are 2 years old!  Here are a few things you are into:

  • You are so brave.  You want to go face first down the slide and you jump off of things with abandon.  You climb on everything like a monkey.  Everything is an adventure.  I hope you keep your courage your whole life.
  • You are so fast!  We have started yelling, "FREEZE!" for you to stop when you get away from us.  It has helped some!
  • You are strong.  You can lift things that are heavy and you have no business lifting.  (Laundry baskets, high chairs, small tables, your stool!)  You also love to hang from things.
  • All diapers to you are "Shewy!" which means stinky.  So funny.
  • You are shy around strangers and most boys.  I also hope this never changes.
  • You are very polite.  We are working on answering with "ma'am", "sir", and saying "please".  
  • You are a bit entranced by The Little Mermaid right now or "A'Yul" as you like to call her.
  • You are also REALLY into bubbles.  Thank goodness for the bubble gun!
  • We always dance to the Curious George theme song.  You have to dance to it!!  And you won't let us sit through it either- it's a family affair!
  • You are over baths.  You want to "Sha-ya" all the time instead.  It's hilarious.
  • You also had your first stomach virus, ear infection, and croup cough which led to your first antibiotics and steroids- and we all passed these illnesses around for about 3 weeks.  WOW.  That was rough.
I am so in love with your heart.  You are a sweet, happy, kind person.  The last 2 years being your mommy have been the best of my life.  

I love you!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

23 Months

This picture was almost impossible to take... I was sweating by the time we were done

OH Shelby.  One more post and then you will be 2.  I can't quite get my mind wrapped around that fact.  I hope that one day you will go out into the world fully prepared to do whatever profession you choose and fondly remember our home.  However, I would love nothing more than for you to be my tiny baby forever.  But, you're not 2 yet!  You are 23 months old!  And here's a list of what you are into these days:

  • Curious George.  All day.  Errrrr day.  You love some Curious George.  You will grab my face and say, "SHORGE!".  You bring me the remote and say, "SHORGE!".  I can't always let you watch him (because that would be all day) but I love when you ask!
  • You can say your "C's" with a "Cu" sound, but a lot of times you choose not to say it that way.  You say "too-tie" for "cookie".  I love it.
  • We are working on "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am".  You have a funny way of drawing out "ma'am".  It kind of sounds like "muuuuam".  You are pretty good at using it too.  You also say "pease" and "ta-too".
  • You also will apologize and say, "I so soyay" for "Sorry".  My heart pretty much stays in my throat all the time I love you so much and the sweet things you say and do.
  • We had your second Christmas as well during your 23rd month.  It was really fun to watch you this year.
  • You started saying, "oh sure!" all the time when your answer is yes.  At first, I thought you were saying a naughty phrase and I asked your daddy if he had said that around you!  Haha!  He hadn't and I figured out what you were saying.  Memommy says that mommy says "sure" all the time.
I am so proud of you and the new things you do each day.  You're my sweet girl!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Eve was really special this year!  We got to spend it at our house!  It was really great to be home as a family unit.  We went to Christmas Eve service at Fellowship- what a blessing!  We made it through most of the service but then Shelby June thought it would be a good idea to go run around the lobby.  I was happy to oblige.  We made it back in time for the candles!  The Gilberts have always done appetizers on Christmas Eve so we came back home, carried on that tradition, and made those!  Grammie, Pops, Juli, and Cody all came over too!
Grammie and Pops!

Kisses from Pops!

Playing on the floor

We love our Ju Ju!

Family picture!  Love my little family!

Smiling big for Aunt Juli and Uncle Cody

Hanging our stockings for Santa

Pouring milk for Santa with the cookies we made

Maybe eating Santa's cookies just a little bit.

And drinking milk out of a cup like a big girl!

Reading the night before Christmas with Daddy!

Christmas presents!

Shelby had a hard time understanding that the pack-n-play and stroller were for the doll and not her!
She loves taking care of her baby!

More Christmas Activities 2014

Helping mommy decorate the house

She LOVED the tree this year!

Decorating/ eating Christmas cookies we made

So pretty!

Eating all the sprinkles- she comes by it honestly!

Helping me decorate the wreath- it made a great baby bed!

Meeting Santa.  Nope.

Mommy and daddy went to a fun party!

At a birthday party for Jesus at Church!

Our Annual Cinnamon Roll baking day with friends

Eating yummy food with Dylan and Caleb
Matching Aprons!
We had so much fun celebrating Christmas this year!

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