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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shelby is One Month Old!

Shelby is one month old!


Here are a few things you have going on at the ripe old age of one month:

*You hate baths. Even though your umbilical cord fell off just one day shy of your one month birthday and you can now sit in the tub, you still scream and cry through your whole bath.
*You love to be fussy when daddy gets home from work. This makes him so sad.
*You love your puppies, Bear and Midas, and they love you too! They love to walk by and sneak a lick while you're sleeping.
*You had your first bottle and you drank it like a champ! Daddy fed it to you and you stared at him the whole time.
*You love to ride in the car. You sleep as long as the car is moving.
*You cry every Saturday night. I'm talking big time, melt down, inconsolably crying for a couple of hours. Other than that though, you're a pretty happy baby.
*You are happiest when you first wake up and you love to get your diaper changed. I sing "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" And you smile and smile!
*You are our favorite person in the whole wide world! You've only been here a month, but it feels like you have always been here with us! I can't wait to see what God has in store for your life!

We love you, Toot!



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