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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I like a man in cowboy boots. I LOVE my Matt in cowboy boots. We had a function with friends requiring cowboy/ cowgirl attire and Matt borrowed a good friend's cowboy boots.

I will be buying him some for Christmas. Along with a pair of nice jeans. He will wear them, and I will drool.

Happy Trails,


A Bloody Tail

Yellow. Mornin. You are reading the time right. It is 4 in the morning! Tuesday is 6 am bible study day. This year is Beth Moore's Why Good People Do Bad Things... or something along those lines. Will share in another post...

Anyhoo. I am writing this morning to tell you a bloody tail. I did spell tail right. Sunday, our sweet friends Megan and Hayden brought over their 8 week old puppy Molly! Oh she was precious and she melted my heart immediately! My dogs just loved her. Of course they had totally different reactions. Midas was so excited he kept barking at her as loud as he could to play. (Which of course scared Molly and so we had to put him back inside.) When he did finally calm down, we let him back out and he actually MARKED Molly! Yes, he tee teed on her face!! So embarrassing but Megan and Hayden were really sweet about it! Bear would walk up and randomly lick her. She did growl at Molly while she was drinking water, but she of course got in trouble for that.

While we were playing, Midas was standing in front of one of our rose bushes. We noticed him sort of yelp and jump forward as if scared. We realized very quickly his tail had gotten stuck on a rose bush and that the end of it was bleeding. Have you ever thought about how much a dog wags his tail? Blood was EVERYWHERE. I tried to get it to stop. I put on a duct tape tourniquet which wouldn't stay on his tail. Mom told me to dip it in corn starch which worked for a time but would not make it stop completely. I of course was late leaving for church and covered in dog blood and so was my kitchen and Midas and my outdoor patio. I wrapped it up as tight as I could in paper towel and duct tape and left!!

When I got home from church, I cleaned up all the blood I could see. Sidenote: Megan and Hayden were covered in blood too and Megan was sweet enough to help me clean up the first round and Hayden helped me hold midas so I could duct tape his little tale! Thank you!! The blood was splattered like a gun shot crime scene all over the floor and walls and it could be hard to find. I still see some this morning. I stopped by Walgreen's on my way home and bought some Liquid Bandage and a wrap that sticks to itself and not hair or skin and also took the opportunity to load up on band aids, alcohol, etc for when we cut ourselves.

The liquid bandage has REALLY done the trick. Finally, 24 hours later, he was not bleeding last night. It was basically torture to keep him calm and in his kennel and NOT wagging that sweet tail.

Of course, there are no pictures because I am the worst picture taker ever and forget ALL the time to photograph the events in my life that are blog worthy! We decided we are going to get a small digital camera that we can carry with us.

Happy Tuesday and here's to an early bed time tonight!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Friday

Don't have anything in particular to blog about. How about a list of random thoughts?
  1. What is falling off the trees and making me have an allergy fit? I am not alone either. I know more people right now who have the sniffles than people that do not have the sniffles.
  2. Why am I eating so much dairy lately? Greek yogurt, milk, ice cream. Can't get enough of it.
  3. Have you ever bought the Laughing Cow wedges? Get the swiss kind and dip a cut up apple in it. Delicious snack.
  4. I am currently in last place for my Fantasy Fooooosball league. I don't plan on moving up. I am ok with that. Just having fun paying attention.
  5. I have already decorated my home for fall. Currently fighting the urge to buy candy corn...
  6. In the past 2 weeks, I may have consumed 5 bags of Red Hots. What's wrong with me?
  7. I think I blogged about buying a new chain for the neckless Matt bought me. That turned out to be way more expensive than I thought it would be. Upon realizing this I thought to myself, "Why aren't you wearing this neckless! It is so pretty and your sweet husband bought it for you as a wedding gift! Who cares how long the stupid chain is, you selfish lady!" I have worn it every day since. I am sometimes mean to myself.
  8. I took 2 pairs of jeans to a consignment store yesterday and got $18.95 for them. I am going to put that $18.95 towards a new pair. Matt thought I got the short end of the stick on that deal because they will turn around and sell those jeans for 10 times what they paid me for them. I don't agree. I would have taken them to Savers for nothing. The consignment shop had a need for more inventory and I had a need for new jeans and now our needs are both met. Good deal.
  9. I plan to make breakfast to eat during the 11 a.m. Hogs game Saturday. Pretty excited about this.
  10. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Plan to spend most of it with my Matt at home! I hope that you all enjoy your Saturdays too!!
  11. Should I be signing my blogs? Probably.

Happy Weekend!


Friday, September 10, 2010

My Razorback Fan

Heading to the Razorback game last Saturday. He's throwin' you the douces. In case you can't see the picture. We didn't get tickets to the game tomorrow night in Little Rock. We will just be tailgaiting with buds! I'm excited!

And also...

Last week I also painted our laundry room. We have life group on Wednesday nights, but due to a lot of sick people, we cancelled. So, Matt went to bed at 7:30 and I used that opportunity to paint the first coat of our laundry room. It was, as every other room in our house was, gray. I know it's just the laundry room, but I didn't like it. Plus, our doggies may have scratched the wall right by the door when they were excited every afternoon to go outside and play. Thursday night, I painted the final coat. LOVE IT. Here are the pics. Enjoy.


My BFF Kelli Kegs organized a Fantasy Football League for some of us husband and wife folk. We drafted Wednesday night. Sooooo much fun! I was so excited, I couldn't go to sleep afterward.

Also, I may have accidentally signed up for the league twice and now Drew has to have a blonde, curly haired avatar named "Andrea". I'M A MORON.

Being my first time, I allowed the computer to tell me who was ranked where and chose mostly based on that... and sort of on other things. Like, I knew who Reggie Bush was because he was Kim Kardashian's boyfriend. And since the Kardashian family and I are such good friends, he had to be on my team. (Shout out to my buddy Rachel there.) I chose Joe Flacco because he was cute. I chose the Tennessee Titan kicker... may have already forgotten his name... because he looks like Ryan Mallett. I will let you know how this strategy works out for me. (Kelli, I hope you are laughing out loud right now.)

Anyhoo, opening game was last night. I have to admit, I'm a Brett Favre fan. Have been since the Green Bay Super Bowl glory days... maybe because he is cute. Don't judge me. I wanted the Vikings to win! But it was not in the cards...

Anyhoo, I have always loved college football- let's just be honest, mainly SEC football. I have always wanted to be a NFL fan, but have never had a team that I liked. I think the main reason is the Titans just did Memphis wrong in the 90's and that totally put a bad taste in my mouth for it all. I am proud of them now in Nashville. They've done quite well for themselves. And who doesn't love Peyton Manning? Or Tom Brady? Or Drew Brees, the hero of NOLA following Katrina. But I've never had MY team like the Razorbacks. So, I am excited to have a Fantasy Team, thanks to my BFF (I hope she doesn't mind me calling her that haha).

Peace. TGI weekend!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend- Literally

I decided to make it a 4 day weekend since I had the vacation time. My sweet mommy and I painted my bedroom last summer. I wanted sort of a gray/ blue color. It looks beautiful in our bathrom, but it was incredibly bright in our bedroom. So, I wanted to do a very calming neutral color instead. I knew I wanted it to be a cream color and found one I really liked at Home Depot (Behr Bavarian Cream). I have always done Kilz and then two coats of paint in the past. I have also taped off the whole room. My mom, who just painted basically her entire downstairs, gave me a tip. She told me to buy the primer with paint and use that as the first coat. Then, I would only have to paint one top coat. She also told me not to tape and to buy a nice brush- Prudy brand- that is slanted and take my time edging. I took all of her advice and she was so right! It SAVED me money to buy the primer with paint and skip the Kilz. It also saved me time and effort to not tape. It was amazing. However, that being said, it did take me forever to do it. I started at 7:30 a.m. and I finished at midnight. I had to do our tray ceiling. There was a lot of up and down on the ladder. I would NOT have finished if Matt hadn't helped me roll the walls. Anyway, here it is!

LOVE IT! And I have paint leftover, so I guess I will do the guest bathroom during tax season...

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