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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

19 Months

So silly in her Elsa dress

Shelby June, my precious love!  You are 19 months old.  You are so smart.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm your mommy.  You are!

  • Your top front teeth are all 4 coming in as well as your bottom molars and 1 on top.  You are tough!  They don't seem to bother you too much as far as crying and being upset.  You did, however, scratch a place on your cheek where that top molar is coming in and it may leave a scar.  You'll still be the most beautiful girl in the world to me!
  • You climb on everything.  You climb on Daddy's lawn mower, the kitchen table, the couch, the guest bed, the dogs, stools- EVERYTHING!  You can climb the monkey bars at the park too but mommy still holds on to you the whole time.
  • You looooooove to read "boooosh" (books).  You ask to read them all day long.  That's fine with me, smart girl!
  • Your favorite phrase these days is, "Uh-oh!  Wha happer?"  I love the way you say, "happened".
  • If you aren't asking to read books or watch Elsa (Frozen) then you are asking to go "side" which is "outside".  You love to point up at "sky-sky-sky!"
  • You love to boss the dogs!  You say, "hush" when they bark, whine, or howl and "mere" to get them to come to you and play or get in their kennels.
  • You also help me count our their food scoops.  You are so good at helping me!
  • You also like to help me push the clothes in the dryer and use the Swiffer dry mop.
  • Daddy taught you how to fist bump.  You love to bump anyone who will bump you.  Except Mr. Willie at Walmart.  You are terrified of Mr. Willie.  I think it's because he is loud.  We will work through it, baby girl!
  • You surprise me all the time with new words.  It's such a fun thing to see your little mind work!
  • You also know how to say your prayers and fold your hands to pray.  We talk about Jesus and how He loves you.  We also read your bible each night before bed.  You love to sing the "me" part of Jesus loves me and point to yourself.
  • You have had to go to time-out a few times for disobeying mommy.  However, you just giggle the whole time which makes mommy want to giggle.  Mommy is really baffled about how to discipline you, but I will figure it out!
Saying, "Cheeeeese"
My 2 girls
 I am especially thankful for you this month.  You light up my life and bring me such joy every day.  Praise God for the opportunity to be your mommy.  I love you!

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