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Monday, April 28, 2014

Golfing with Daddy

Shelby and I went out to golf with Matt last week.  We had a blast.  It was her first time to watch daddy in action.  She loved riding around on the cart- it helped that it was a GORGEOUS day.
Checking everything out 
Loves her daddy! 
Not getting in the way at all... 
Actually picking up his ball!  Haha!
Basically, it was an opportunity for her to run! 
And she loved it
Smiling face!
She would giggle after he hit the ball
I go up to my old office about 2 days a month for a few hours and help them do whatever they need.  Shelbs loves it because she gets to watch Praise Baby for at least 2 uninterrupted hours on the big 60 inch TV.  This picture was after 3- it took me a little longer than usual to finish what I needed to do.  She would have watched it for 3 more hours.
Happy happy happy
Saturday, the Scotts had their annual Crawfish Boil!  We had a blast.  Matt wasn't able to make it because he was at a golf tournament but Shelby and I had fun on our own!  Here are some pics from the day.
First solo chocolate chip cookie- downed the whole thing
We were solo because dad was golfing- we missed him but had a blast!
LOVE. Her.
Playing ball with Weston!
Taking a break- it was hot!  Drinking up the water.
Head first down the slide.  Bringing up mommy's BP
This last picture was taken last night during some severe weather.  We had already put Shelby to bed and had to wake her up to get in the bathroom.  As you can see, our puppies were with us too.  A LITTLE CRAZY up in there!  Bear was not happy.  She hates storms.
Summitt "safe place"

Easter with Shelbs

Easter was super fun this year!  Shelby got to really celebrate and got into everything.  We went to Deanna's house- my Thursday morning Bible study leader- and hunted eggs.  She has a party every year and we got to be a part of it.  Daddy came too!  So fun!  Side note- we have "hunted" these eggs in our hearth room everyday since.  She loves it.  I put cheerios inside them and she gobbles them up.  Here are a few pictures from the day.

Eating her first sugar cookie- shaped like a bunny!
Great quality time with daddy
She loved finding the eggs
Big girl!
On a mission

Easter morning was super fun.  The Easter bunny came to see Shelby!  He left her goodies on the porch.
The Easter Bunny came to see Shelbs! 
She was pretty pumped
He brought her a crown and a wand (not pictured, Frozen)
She loved this Pin wheel from G and P
Grammie and Pops came down!
And she loves her Aunt Juli!
The only picture I got of her in her Easter dress
She doesn't have time to pose for pictures any more!

Aunt Juli came over the next day and watched Shelby so I could go to the dentist.  (I had my very first cavity!)  Juli built her a fort and oh my word how she loved it.  I'm so glad Juli is in town and Shelby gets to play with her.  I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to have a family member who can watch her for us sometimes.  Pretty great.
Juli and her amazing fort!
Um, I think she loved it...
Easter weekend was a blast!  Looking forward to many more.

14 Month Old Shelbs

14 months
Hey Shelby June!

You are my big girl and you are 14 months old!  Here's what is going on with you:

  • Your pretty RED hair is poking through.  Who knows when it will actually cover your head, but it is red!
  • You have 4 teeth- really 2 full teeth and 2 half teeth but they're coming out.
  • You wake up in the middle of the night most nights and I give you a bottle.  I don't mind the cuddle time.  I'll sleep later!
  • You take one nap most days.  Around 12pm, we put you down and you go to sleep pretty well.
  • You love to play outside and write with chalk.  You also love bubbles and your doggies.
  • Your favorite foods are strawberries and cheese.  I tell you all the time that, "Man can not live on strawberries and cheese alone." But you are giving it a really good try!
  • You love to watch me sing and try to dance and "jump up and down".  Your little feet don't go anywhere though!
  • We go to the park every afternoon when it's nice.  You want to go all the way to the tallest slide!  You are so big!
We love you so much!  Thank you for being so silly and for making your mommy laugh everyday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

13 Months

13 Months

  • YOU. ARE. BUSY.  You run everywhere you go.  You get into everything.  I don't know where your energy comes from but I love it!
  • You are fearless.  You love to watch big kids and try to do what they do.  We went to the trampoline park and you ran around every where.
  • You love to go outside and play and write on the driveway with chalk.
  • You also love to go to the park and climb on the play ground.
  • You are still using bottles and drinking whole milk but you drink water from a sippy cup.  I am not anxious to get you off the bottle because you only have four teeth and you're still not eating a ton.  "One thing at a time," says your mommy!  I need you to get those calories.  I also put Carnation Instant Breakfast in 2 of your bottles to try and pack some pounds on you.
  • We got a Zoo pass and we go about once a week.  You can tell me that the lion says, "Roar Roar Roar!"
  • You also have words for: Diaper- "Di di", Doggie- "dah di", All Done- "Doh doh".  
  • Sometimes you will copy me when I make noises like, "Shh" or if I blow on something you do that too.

Wye Mountain Trip

Shelby and I made the trek out to Wye Mountain with our friends the Rogers again this year!  There's something about watching my baby frolic in the flowers that makes me so happy.  It's such a treat to watch her learn and play with new things.  Here are some shots from the afternoon!
My buttercup in the buttercups
So curious
Taking pictures with littles is always an adventure
My favorites are the outtakes
We love the Rogers boys so much!
My heart explodes.  So thankful to be her mommy!

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