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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

13 Months

13 Months

  • YOU. ARE. BUSY.  You run everywhere you go.  You get into everything.  I don't know where your energy comes from but I love it!
  • You are fearless.  You love to watch big kids and try to do what they do.  We went to the trampoline park and you ran around every where.
  • You love to go outside and play and write on the driveway with chalk.
  • You also love to go to the park and climb on the play ground.
  • You are still using bottles and drinking whole milk but you drink water from a sippy cup.  I am not anxious to get you off the bottle because you only have four teeth and you're still not eating a ton.  "One thing at a time," says your mommy!  I need you to get those calories.  I also put Carnation Instant Breakfast in 2 of your bottles to try and pack some pounds on you.
  • We got a Zoo pass and we go about once a week.  You can tell me that the lion says, "Roar Roar Roar!"
  • You also have words for: Diaper- "Di di", Doggie- "dah di", All Done- "Doh doh".  
  • Sometimes you will copy me when I make noises like, "Shh" or if I blow on something you do that too.

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