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Monday, April 28, 2014

Golfing with Daddy

Shelby and I went out to golf with Matt last week.  We had a blast.  It was her first time to watch daddy in action.  She loved riding around on the cart- it helped that it was a GORGEOUS day.
Checking everything out 
Loves her daddy! 
Not getting in the way at all... 
Actually picking up his ball!  Haha!
Basically, it was an opportunity for her to run! 
And she loved it
Smiling face!
She would giggle after he hit the ball
I go up to my old office about 2 days a month for a few hours and help them do whatever they need.  Shelbs loves it because she gets to watch Praise Baby for at least 2 uninterrupted hours on the big 60 inch TV.  This picture was after 3- it took me a little longer than usual to finish what I needed to do.  She would have watched it for 3 more hours.
Happy happy happy
Saturday, the Scotts had their annual Crawfish Boil!  We had a blast.  Matt wasn't able to make it because he was at a golf tournament but Shelby and I had fun on our own!  Here are some pics from the day.
First solo chocolate chip cookie- downed the whole thing
We were solo because dad was golfing- we missed him but had a blast!
LOVE. Her.
Playing ball with Weston!
Taking a break- it was hot!  Drinking up the water.
Head first down the slide.  Bringing up mommy's BP
This last picture was taken last night during some severe weather.  We had already put Shelby to bed and had to wake her up to get in the bathroom.  As you can see, our puppies were with us too.  A LITTLE CRAZY up in there!  Bear was not happy.  She hates storms.
Summitt "safe place"

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