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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Bloody Tail

Yellow. Mornin. You are reading the time right. It is 4 in the morning! Tuesday is 6 am bible study day. This year is Beth Moore's Why Good People Do Bad Things... or something along those lines. Will share in another post...

Anyhoo. I am writing this morning to tell you a bloody tail. I did spell tail right. Sunday, our sweet friends Megan and Hayden brought over their 8 week old puppy Molly! Oh she was precious and she melted my heart immediately! My dogs just loved her. Of course they had totally different reactions. Midas was so excited he kept barking at her as loud as he could to play. (Which of course scared Molly and so we had to put him back inside.) When he did finally calm down, we let him back out and he actually MARKED Molly! Yes, he tee teed on her face!! So embarrassing but Megan and Hayden were really sweet about it! Bear would walk up and randomly lick her. She did growl at Molly while she was drinking water, but she of course got in trouble for that.

While we were playing, Midas was standing in front of one of our rose bushes. We noticed him sort of yelp and jump forward as if scared. We realized very quickly his tail had gotten stuck on a rose bush and that the end of it was bleeding. Have you ever thought about how much a dog wags his tail? Blood was EVERYWHERE. I tried to get it to stop. I put on a duct tape tourniquet which wouldn't stay on his tail. Mom told me to dip it in corn starch which worked for a time but would not make it stop completely. I of course was late leaving for church and covered in dog blood and so was my kitchen and Midas and my outdoor patio. I wrapped it up as tight as I could in paper towel and duct tape and left!!

When I got home from church, I cleaned up all the blood I could see. Sidenote: Megan and Hayden were covered in blood too and Megan was sweet enough to help me clean up the first round and Hayden helped me hold midas so I could duct tape his little tale! Thank you!! The blood was splattered like a gun shot crime scene all over the floor and walls and it could be hard to find. I still see some this morning. I stopped by Walgreen's on my way home and bought some Liquid Bandage and a wrap that sticks to itself and not hair or skin and also took the opportunity to load up on band aids, alcohol, etc for when we cut ourselves.

The liquid bandage has REALLY done the trick. Finally, 24 hours later, he was not bleeding last night. It was basically torture to keep him calm and in his kennel and NOT wagging that sweet tail.

Of course, there are no pictures because I am the worst picture taker ever and forget ALL the time to photograph the events in my life that are blog worthy! We decided we are going to get a small digital camera that we can carry with us.

Happy Tuesday and here's to an early bed time tonight!


  1. I can't believe you got up at four! I got up at five thirty :) You're an early bird.

  2. Is your bible study at church? Why in the world did you have to get up at 4? Your crazy, man (in the Will Ferrell voice from Old School)

    I am not going to lie. I was REALLY hoping for some pictures! I carry a small camera with me all the time! But, hello! Use your iPhone!


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