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Friday, September 10, 2010


My BFF Kelli Kegs organized a Fantasy Football League for some of us husband and wife folk. We drafted Wednesday night. Sooooo much fun! I was so excited, I couldn't go to sleep afterward.

Also, I may have accidentally signed up for the league twice and now Drew has to have a blonde, curly haired avatar named "Andrea". I'M A MORON.

Being my first time, I allowed the computer to tell me who was ranked where and chose mostly based on that... and sort of on other things. Like, I knew who Reggie Bush was because he was Kim Kardashian's boyfriend. And since the Kardashian family and I are such good friends, he had to be on my team. (Shout out to my buddy Rachel there.) I chose Joe Flacco because he was cute. I chose the Tennessee Titan kicker... may have already forgotten his name... because he looks like Ryan Mallett. I will let you know how this strategy works out for me. (Kelli, I hope you are laughing out loud right now.)

Anyhoo, opening game was last night. I have to admit, I'm a Brett Favre fan. Have been since the Green Bay Super Bowl glory days... maybe because he is cute. Don't judge me. I wanted the Vikings to win! But it was not in the cards...

Anyhoo, I have always loved college football- let's just be honest, mainly SEC football. I have always wanted to be a NFL fan, but have never had a team that I liked. I think the main reason is the Titans just did Memphis wrong in the 90's and that totally put a bad taste in my mouth for it all. I am proud of them now in Nashville. They've done quite well for themselves. And who doesn't love Peyton Manning? Or Tom Brady? Or Drew Brees, the hero of NOLA following Katrina. But I've never had MY team like the Razorbacks. So, I am excited to have a Fantasy Team, thanks to my BFF (I hope she doesn't mind me calling her that haha).

Peace. TGI weekend!!!!

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  1. HahahahahahA I did lol! I can't wAit to let matt read this. He will love it! Oh and I love that you called me your bff silly willy! Love u!


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