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Monday, February 16, 2015

Shelby's 2nd Birthday

Elsa Crown!

Elsa's Punch

Hans and Anna's Sandwiches

Olaf's Arms/ Sven's Snacks

Cristoff's Snacks

Elsa and Anna's Chocolate Cupcakes

Cookies made by mommy- "S's" and "2's"

My sweet Olaf's!

With Grammie and Pops

And Uncle Joe and Aunt Tiff

Olafs down the slide!

Some of your presents- an easel and a dress up chest

A princess 4 wheeler

And here was your surprise guest- ELSA!

She gave you a flower!

And read a story

And sang "Let It Go!"

You loved it!

And so did your brother cousins

And she gave you each a stamp on your hand

She even sang you "Happy Birthday!"

But then we had to say "Goodbye"

It was a magical day!!

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