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Monday, February 16, 2015

Shelby is TWO!

I can't believe it, Shelby, but you are 2 years old!  Here are a few things you are into:

  • You are so brave.  You want to go face first down the slide and you jump off of things with abandon.  You climb on everything like a monkey.  Everything is an adventure.  I hope you keep your courage your whole life.
  • You are so fast!  We have started yelling, "FREEZE!" for you to stop when you get away from us.  It has helped some!
  • You are strong.  You can lift things that are heavy and you have no business lifting.  (Laundry baskets, high chairs, small tables, your stool!)  You also love to hang from things.
  • All diapers to you are "Shewy!" which means stinky.  So funny.
  • You are shy around strangers and most boys.  I also hope this never changes.
  • You are very polite.  We are working on answering with "ma'am", "sir", and saying "please".  
  • You are a bit entranced by The Little Mermaid right now or "A'Yul" as you like to call her.
  • You are also REALLY into bubbles.  Thank goodness for the bubble gun!
  • We always dance to the Curious George theme song.  You have to dance to it!!  And you won't let us sit through it either- it's a family affair!
  • You are over baths.  You want to "Sha-ya" all the time instead.  It's hilarious.
  • You also had your first stomach virus, ear infection, and croup cough which led to your first antibiotics and steroids- and we all passed these illnesses around for about 3 weeks.  WOW.  That was rough.
I am so in love with your heart.  You are a sweet, happy, kind person.  The last 2 years being your mommy have been the best of my life.  

I love you!

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