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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

16 Month Shelbs

16 Months! 

All silly, all the time
Oh my Shelby.  Here is what you and your 4 teeth are up to at 16 months:
  • You are officially down to one nap 
  • You are using real sippy cups and you love to drink water from cups and straws
  • Blueberries are your new favorite.  I was scared to give them to you because I thought you might choke but you will now grab handfuls of them and scarf them down.
  • I bought you your first pair of Keds.  They are precious and I love to watch you run around in them.  They are a size 5!
  • You can make noises for a dog "bow wow", a monkey "ew ew ew ah ah ah", and a lion "roar".
  • You love to sing Old McDonald- well the "eieio" part
  • For you, the answer to all questions is "yes"
  • If you don't want something you say, "mm- mm" for no and you will push whatever it is away.  It's so funny.
You're so much fun!!!!

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