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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Party!

The females in our Life Group got together last Tuesday to carve pumpkins! How fun! This is Carter. Isn't he precious? His dad took him to the baby gym, so he is fresh off his work out in this picture.
Here is his mommy Krista's pumpkin. It is an owl! Isn't it cute? (Krista not pictured)

Here is Kaitlin! She made a big ole smiley face! He is cute! (You can see him in the picture above with Carter too.) See how Carter is making sure we did a good job?

This is Carissa and her pumpkin! She made a beautiful leaf design in her white pumpkin. It was so elegant! And she did it free hand- very impressive!

This is my little dude. He was already partly rotten. So now, he is really rotten on my front porch. It is a spider.

That's it! Cary and Tia were also there. Tia decided to sit out the carving, but from the way she was talking, she is an expert! Cary worked on her Halloween costume while we carved pumpkins. She is going to be Barbie in a box! Great time with great friends!

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