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Monday, October 25, 2010

Continuing the Tail

Well, we had a nice trip to the doggie ER this weekend. We came home Saturday night and his tail had split open. Naturally, we assumed he had chewed it open and thought we better get it stitched up pronto. We got there around 10:30 and got to see the Dr. at 12am. They were quite busy. The vet was Dr. Ray who did Bear's abdominal surgery to remove the socks!! We LOVE Dr. Ray. She remembered Bear (without us telling her Bear's name!) asked about how she was doing. She said that she did not think Midas had chewed his tail open. She said it looked like it had popped it on something- probably on the wall getting in/ out of the kennel and that she could not stitch it back up. So, we got it wrapped up, she gave us a bigger collar, some pain pills and we were on our way! We got in bed at 2 am and made the decision to skip church Sunday morning. Didn't feel bad at all! We have been going going going all the time and we NEVER just stop and sleep in and relax. We did that Sunday morning. We slept until 10:45. I (humbly) believe that God wants us to rest our bodies. He did! I had my praise time while I ran my 7 miles. I have been listening to Pandora's Christian radio station while running and it is so uplifting! It is amazing to praise God while running and exercising the body He has given me. If you have an iPhone, download the Pandora app! It's free. Here is buddy and his giant cone!

Yay Monday is over!


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  1. Oh My! That is the biggest cone I sever seen! Poor Midas. I bet he is wishing he had never been born with a tail in the first place!


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