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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Job Title Change

I am pretty pumped. I have been with Synthes for 4 years this Thursday July 1 (also Matt's Birthday!). During my tenure, I have had several titles. I started in 2006 as a Territory Assistant. I was a young whipper snapper ready to take on the world of sales. Fresh out of college, ready to prove myself and jump in to sales as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

September 2007, a coworker left to pursue another opportunity and there was my chance! I became an Associate Sales Consultant. With this new title/ promotion came bigger responsibilities. I was now on call 24/7 learning the ropes, the territories, the equipment, the surgeons' personalities, helping out other consultants in other territories while they went on vacation, etc. All the time. I LOVED it- for a while. But the call caught up to me. Also, through this experience, I realized that maybe I wasn't cut out for sales. As someone who grew up always disliking rejection, sales was hard for me.

So, I made the VERY hard decision to step away from the job. However, it worked out that I was able to stay with the company in a role that allowed me to not take call but still assist the sales consultants that I worked for previously. I have been doing this role for a year now.

July 1, I become the METRO OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR!! I am SO excited. I will be managing our office. Keeping up with equipment, acquiring PO#'s from hospitals, running sets, etc. I am extremely excited about this new role. And I can't wait! And I am thrilled to still be with Synthes. I work for a WONDERFUL company. Life is good. God is good- all the time!


  1. Oh congrats! I'm so proud of you:) love you!

  2. It is INDEED a blessing. I'm happy for you.

  3. Congratulations Lana! This sounds like a great opportunity and I'm happy for you.


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