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Monday, June 14, 2010

Spray Paint

Have you met my friend Carissa? She's wonderful. She's so creative and it's really impressive. She recently educated me on the adventures of spray painting. She spray painted her blinds! Isn't she brave? And they look WONDERFUL. Here is what I spray painted.

I bought these aluminum decorative hangy thingys a few years ago to go in the bathroom of our other house. At the time, I loved the colors. However, having painted most of our new house bright colors (green, yellow and blue) I realized that a lot of my accents need to be more neutral hues. So, I spray painted these white with textured spray paint! I love them and I think it is exactly what they needed. Thanks, Carissa!


  1. Hey! Just found your blog---congrats on the Kindle. my mom just got one, and is getting home from a 2-wk trip tonight, so I'm anxious to hear her review as well. Hard to imagine trading in the holding-a-real-book feeling, but alas.

  2. Hey Lana! Just noticed you have a blog too, I LOVE my blog, have met so many wonderful people, this is a great way for us to keep in touch, hope you are doing well!
    Katie "Thompson" Clements :)

    Check out my blog:

  3. Hi Lana! I just found your blog through your facebook post - so cute! I love the spray painting tips. My hubby and I are in the process of buying a house (our inspection is Monday)and I have a feeling I have a few things around here that will need to be painted prior to moving. I blog too and love it when I can follow folks I know!
    -Lauren Lykins Jansson


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