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Monday, June 7, 2010

Close Encounters

I had 5 close encounters with nature this weekend. I will share them all with you now.

1. I've run almost every Saturday morning at Lake Willistein in Maumelle for probably 9 months now. If you are at all familiar with Maumelle, you are familiar with the geese who live around the lake and fly across the street to Kroger frequently. They poop every where. I leap and jump and tip toe around the poop. We coexist. I was running Saturday in the 90 degree weather and was slowly approaching a group of "teenage" geese. The mom was hanging out with them and they were digging around in the grass for whatever they eat- not really sure... worms? Anyhoo, the mommy looked up and hissed at me! I guess I was getting too close. I've always left them alone, though. Don't they remember me? Thought it was strange.

2. Also at Willistein, I have been wondering when I would cross paths with a snake. I know they are in the water because Matt and I have seen them while fishing. I hate snakes. I realize that they are docile creatures, but to me they are so gross and creepy. Anything with no legs and arms that lives on land... that's just not right. I'm sorry for those who do not hate snakes, but I do hate snakes. Just being reminded of their existence gives me nightmares- I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. I was running and had just waved to a sweet old man walking. When I looked down there was a 5 foot long snake making his wake across the path. Totally freaked me out of course. We stopped and talked (the old man and I) and waited for him to make his way across. As we were waiting, this cute girl is jogging by and we try to warn her about the snake and she being clueless keeps on going until she is about to step on the snake and then promptly freaks out and screams. Snake crossed the path, day went on, no harm done.

3. I was on the way to church Sunday morning and I noticed a little bunny poking his head on to the street. He made a couple of hops and I slowed down to let him pass. He looked like he wasn't going to pass so I kept going- and at that EXACT time he decided to run out in front of me and I hit that precious baby bunny!!!! OH it broke my heart! I made the mistake of looking through the rear view mirror and there he was, on his side, kicking his legs. When I came back home in the afternoon, he was crow food. We have lots of crows in our neighborhood. Circle of life and all that.

4. We have these flowers- no idea what kind- right by our porch that honey bees love. I realize they are docile creatures as well, and I leave them alone and truly they don't scare me. UNTIL, I am trying to water said flowers and the bees LITERALLY dive bombed my face when I was watering tonight and then flew away. Repeatedly. Are they threatening me? Are they just trying to scare me? Can honey bees sting? I don't even know, but you know I dropped the water hose and ran away! I'm just trying to keep their pretty flowers alive!

5. Came into the office this morning and there was a HUGE I am not kidding HUGE centipede laying on the floor in the break room. We have centipedes and roaches and ants and other various sorts of bugs but mostly these centipede things. It was about the size of an NBA player's thumb rolled up into a rolly polly on the floor. Disgusting. Thank goodness Ms. Donna took it out and I didn't have to. Wish I took a picture. Bleck.

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  1. I'm sorry about the bunny (sorry you looked back especially.) How sad!


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