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Monday, July 5, 2010

Gilbert Family Vacation

Well, I've been meaning to blog about this for 3 weeks now, so I am finally getting around to it. The Ole Gilbert Clan actually planned a vacation together this year! We were going to spend a glorious week together in Dauphin Island, Alabama. House on the beach, seafood galore, quality time spent in the water and in the sun, etc. Then, Oil Spill 2010 happened and Dauphin Island was basically the first place that got hit. (Did I mention we had planned to go to Nashville the same weekend as the flood? Yeah we need to stop making travel plans. Disasters tend to follow.) Anyhoo, Lauren and Dad came up with a solution. We all met at Dad's Quack Shack instead!

Now it may not look like much from the outside, but this dude extends in the back over Horseshoe Lake. There are 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths, a giant living area, a big kitchen, an outdoor gazebo, a huge yard, etc. So guess who got to come with us????

Here are Bear and Midas! See the huge little smiles on their faces. We all brought our dogs. Jett, Boo, Fib, Liza Boo, Jo Jo, Cooper, Bear and Midas! (Getting a picture with all 8 is basically impossible.) Those 8 dogs had the best time. They ran around and chased each other in the fenced in yard. They ate sticks. They chewed grass. They licked each other. They bit each other's whiskers.

Here is Midas with his sister Liza Boo Little. She is my mommy's dog. She is so stinking cute and itty bitty teeny tiny. Behind Liza is Boo Mama. She is the mama to the 5 pups in the group of 8 dogs.

This is Widdle Fibbie. He is Daddy's dog. Super sweet and really smart, Fib's favorite things to do that week were play with Midas and steal shoes. You have to watch him!

Here is Wackie Jackie supervising the dogs outside. They can get a bit rowdy. Especially when cousin Jo Jo and Liza Boo get together. Oh man!

Now this, THIS is my parent's dog trailer. Those dogs ride in style! There are 4 little cubbies (the black doors) to haul 4 labs. Those cubbies are vented inside and there is actually a fan beside which you can put ice blocks that will blow and act like an air conditioner to cool the dogs. It is also insulated so their body heat keeps them warm during the winter time. Each of those compartments you see on the side (outlined in silver) hold all sorts of dog training goodies and water bowls. The front silver part is a water tank. It stores several gallons of water so that the dogs can get something to drink (a hose poors water in to bowls) or you can give them a bath. Also, underneath the silver top is a sink to clean ducks or whatever else you may need to do. Pretty amazing huh?

It was also my mom's birthday this week! I forgot to get a picture with the birthday girl. I am terrible about taking pictures.
Anyway, during the week, here is what we did:
We all arrived Tuesday and ate lunch together and hung out. Did we do anything else? I can't really remember... Mom made a brisket that was delicious. I think we all napped. That's all I remember.
Wednesday Dad took me, Lauren and Zac fishing! It was really fun! They all caught several. I didn't catch one. Really, that is quite surprising. I was quite the fisherman in college. That was only 4 years ago though... Anyhoo. Mom met us for lunch in Bald Knob at the Bulldog. Delicious as always. We went back to the Quack Shack and napped and Lauren made us some delicious Fajitas.
Thursday, mom's birthday, I made her Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. They are my favorite kind because of the maple icing and she really enjoyed them! Then, Zac and Dad fished while us girls hung out and went to Searcy for the day. We ate lunch at the Cookie Basket and shopped around a bit. We couldn't go to Searcy without making a trip to Midnight Oil, so of course we did that after lunch. We went back to Searcy that night (when Matt was able to come) and ate supper at Colton's. Then we went back and played dominoes until really late that night. Matt had to work that week and wasn't able to come down until Thursday night. We sure missed him, but we all understand about not being able to take off work!
Friday we all packed up and slowly made our way home. It was such a fun week! We need to make a point to get together more often!

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