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Monday, July 5, 2010

Least Favorite Post to Date

Those of you who know me know that I am not an indulgent person. I buy 90% of my wardrobe at Target. I shop for groceries primarily at Walmart buying the Walmart brand (if the Walmart Brand is in fact a better deal which sometimes it is not.) Anything that I don't buy from those 2 places I purchase ONLY if it is on sale. I can't stand to purchase something if it's not on sale because I know that eventually it WILL be on sale and then I would have been ripped off.

HOWEVER, there is one thing that I have majorly splurged on. It's my favorite purchase (minus our house and the dogs of course) that I've made since Matt and I have been married. This is my Yukon. I've always wanted one. When I got promoted in 2007 and I was going to be on call 24/7 I told myself I deserved this purchase. (Side note: This was THE MOST SELFISH decision I have ever made and I look back in astonishment at myself and think, "Who was that person and why did she think she deserved anything?" I am embarrassed to even share it with you at this time. But I digress. The selfish decision was made and we move on. We live and learn. I can assure you that no other decision like that will ever be made by me.)

Anyhoo. I was coming home Friday around 5pm after just dropping the dogs off to be boarded for our trip to Paragould. I am about to exit onto Maumelle Blvd as I do everyday at this time and I slow down to approach the traffic that is stopped ahead of me. The person in front of me slows down even more abruptly and stops as I do too (you expect this at this time and in this place). But the person behind me does not slow down. I see this in my rear view mirror and think, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NOT MY TRUCK NO!"

BOOM, BOOM! The joker knocks the fire out of me. He was driving an F150 4 door and let me tell you, my trailer hitch did a bang up job on the front of his truck. It was MESSED UP. Poor guy. So anyway. I immediately called the police and they responded quite quickly. His car was barely drive able, but we moved into the New Life Church parking lot. Dude got a ticket, we exchanged insurance information, yadda yadda yadda. I was pretty shaken up. Not only from seeing the impact coming and being whipped in my truck, but I was just plain upset. I KNOW it's a material thing. I KNOW I can't take it with me. I KNOW that moths and rust destroy and that will happen in this case. I KNOW the dogs could have been with me and gotten hurt. I KNOW I should just be thankful to be ok. I KNOW that the dude that hit me could have been hurt and I am thankful that he wasn't! I KNOW. But I am still upset. I bought this truck planning to drive it for 10 years. No really, 10 years or until the thing just falls apart and we have to tow it to the dealership to trade in. I just wonder now if we can still do that. I know I need a new back door and bumper. Hopefully, it will be allright! Here is the pic.

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  1. Seeing an accident play out just sucks especially when you are involved... you find yourself yelling, begging, pleading for the driver in another car to stop. I guess in hopes that God will kindly relay the message to him before hitting you! ha. Sorry about your car.. the time it took to fill out the paper work and tell your story over and over again to the police officer, filing it to your insurance company, taking your car in to get fixed, grabbing a rental...need I say more. It's that time wasted that is somewhat more painful then the accident itself!!!!

    Feel for ya girl :)


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