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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ewww Boy!

I've been a lazy blogger! Wanna know why? Because we just haven't had anything big go on lately! So, here is a list of little odds and ends that we've done recently.
  • Mattikins bought me a new phone! He was due for an upgrade and used it to get me an iPhone 4 instead! Isn't he sweet?
  • Bear turned 4 yesterday. I can't BELIEVE it! Her little beard is beginning to gray. This makes me quite sad.
  • My mom and sister came this past weekend! We had a blast. We basically did nothing- as is the theme of this post. We watched movies and ate subs and played with our puppies... that's about it. I LOVE it when they come to see me though. We don't get to be together an awful lot.
  • I found some fall staples that I am going to purchase: a pair of brown boots (riding, flat, knee high) and a good pair of designer jeans... going to treat myself! Pretty excited about both.
  • Getting my wedding rings re-dipped. Do you all have to do that? I must have very acidic skin because mine have basically turned gold. I will also purchase another chain for the neckless that Matt bought me when we got married. The one that came with it is too long so I never wear it. Pretty excited to start to wear it all the time.
  • ATTEMPTING to eat better. We've been making a lot of smoothies around here mixing in Whey Protein. YUM!
  • I did 3 pull- ups last night which is 3 more than I have ever done so I guess the protein/ workouts are working
  • I just watched The Last King of Scotland. I do NOT recommend this movie. Quite disturbing.
  • I am old and boring and perfectly content to be home alone with my doggies.


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  1. Home is the BEST and least boring place I can think of :) And you rocked at pull-ups.


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