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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Joe and Tiffany's Hawaiian Wedding

Well, I had to start off our Hawaii blogs with the wedding since that is the only reason we went in the first place. I will also start by showing you my favorite funny picture from the trip. This is the Ukylele and guitar people that played for the wedding. The music was beautiful, and she let me hold her ukylele for a picture! Awesome huh? Ha ha.

The band and the preacher!

Our groom with his parents just before the wedding.

Groomsmen. I am a little partial to the tall drink of water in the middle there.

Beautiful bride walking down the aisle!

Joe got a little emotional when he saw her walking his way.

These were traditional Hawaiian Lei's- I guess for the bride and groom to wear. He put one on her and she put one on him. It was really pretty.

Yay! They're married!

And then they kissed a lot... because that's what you do when you get married.

Here is the bride's family! From the left, the Cleaves, the Summitts and the Parris.

Here is the Summitt clan all decked out for the wedding!

The sisters. Well, I'm not really a sister, but...?

Me and my handsome buddy! Man I love that dude!!!

This concludes the wedding portion of our blog. Please bring your seats to the upright and locked position and return all tray tables in preparation for landing... I've flown too much this week.

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