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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Animals of Kauai

Yes, this sign does say do not feed the animals. Yes, people did still feed the animals. Yes, it bugged me. Especially the lady feeding the rooster watermellon right next to me while we were at the pool

Our first animal is simply a Koi fish from the ponds at the hotel... a bit boring, but I encourage you to keep scrolling through.

Mr. Swan and little bitty duckies also in the ponds at the hotel.
Now, the stars of our show, the ROOSTERS! Let me tell you something crazy about Kauai's Roosters. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki, a category 4 storm, hit the Hawaiian Islands. The eye of this storm devastated the island of Kauai. 1,421 homes were destroyed, and 63 were lost from the storm surge and wave action. 5,152 homes were severely damaged, while 7,178 had minor damage. Most homes were without power for 4 weeks, but many were without for 4 months. A more permanent consequence of this storm would be the roosters. Since that time, they have roamed wild on the island and let me tell you they are absolutely everywhere. All along the side of ANY road that you would take. In the parking lot of Walmart. At the city park. In the lots of churches. Near the beaches. At the hotel pool. I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you that every place we went, there were at least 3 roosters (and maybe a hen or two). This includes the Waimea Canyon out look that we drove up 7 miles of road winding through mountains to reach. Amazing! Here is the first one I got a picture of. Those suckers were hard to get to stand still. Actually, they don't stand still. (On a side note, during Hurricane Iniki, Steven Spielburg and his film crew were actually on Kauai filming Jurrasic Park. The braved out the storm at their hotel.)

Can you see Mr. Crab? Where's Waldo?

We saw a few of these beautiful birds with their bright red heads!

Is that a shark??? No wait! That's just Matt and Nathan snorkeling.

Another rooster.

A black and white rooster! He was at the top of the Waimea Canyon Lookout.

A black swan! Did you know these existed??

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