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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kauai Scenery

Here is a sample of some of the scenery pictures we took. Through the entire trip, we took over 300 pictures.

This is the sunrise the first morning we were in Kauai. Breath taking!

This is the view from the beach that our resort sits on. These beautiful hedges broke up the grass from the beach.

This is... I don't know what this mountain is actually. But isn't it gorgeous?

This is also the beach from our hotel. I am standing in the spot where Joe and Tiffany tied the knot.

Disclaimer, although these next 3 pictures were not actually made by our Creator, they are beautiful structures that are made to bring praise to Him, and I felt it appropriate that they be included in the "Scenery" portion of this blog.

These are actually tunnels that were right by the beach on the north side of the island.
Another morning, another beautiful sunrise!

This is Hanalei Valley. It serves as a wildlife refuge for many of Kauai's birds. Absolutely beautiful.

Here is Mr. Spouting Horn. He spouts when the pressure builds up from crashing waves. It looked to me like some of these shot up about 20 feet. Not sure about that though... :)

And here he is when no waves are going through.

A beach on the north shore where the Summitt family went snorkeling.

Waimea Canyon is absolutely gorgeous!

See what I mean? Amazing how high and how low the points are in the canyon.

One more... This is the west part of the island. Honestly, I'm not sure what the island is in the picture. (Do you see it way out there in the distance?)

This side of the island is actually a totally different climate. It is more like a dessert. Notice in this picture the difference from the ones before. Not green and lush like the others. Dead and brown and gray!

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  1. Wow, Lana! Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm glad you guys are back, didn't get a chance to say that at church yesterday but we're glad to have you again! I enjoyed looking through all your pictures!


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