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Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Summer Vacation

Our family got to go to Destin, FL for vacation a couple of weeks ago.  Matt and I went on our own in 2008.  We love the sugar white beach there so much!  What is it about just staring at and listening to the ocean that can calm our senses?  Matt really needed a break and an escape from it all.  He has been working so hard and it's really hard for him to turn off his "work brain" each evening.  It was really nice to get away with him.  The Gilbert side of our family was able to join us.  We all split a condo and stayed in the Mediterranea complex.  We loved it!  It had 2 king beds and 2 1/2 baths.  Plenty of space for us all.  Lauren and Zac live in Mobile and were back and forth.  My dad also left for business for a few days.  The boys had a deep sea fishing expedition and and caught us a ton of yummy fish.  We took it to Fisherman's Wharf that night and let them cook it for us.  It was so delicious!  We like to eat breakfast and lunch at the condo and then go out for dinner each evening.  Some of our favorite places are The Donut Hole, The Crab Trap, Pompano Joe's, and Louisiana Lagniappe.  We definitely ate well.  Matt and I ran each morning and had a built in baby sitter in our Memommy!  It's crazy how humid it is there in the morning.  Get ready for another picture overload!
Memommy, Shelby, and Aunt Lauren- 6 1/2 Months pregnant and gorgeous!

Shelby and Aunt L in the swimming pool

Sometimes it's more fun to chew on your sunglasses than wear them...

Talking about the pool with daddy

First time to put her toes in the sand- she was fascinated!

Name in the sand courtesy of daddy

Ew she makes my heart happy!!!  Don't mind me in my mom suit...

Touching the ocean for the first time...

Poor little toot- she was quite scared of it touching her

But she loved watching it in daddy's arms!

Looking at the pool with Memommy

She watched us drink bottled water all week and insisted on trying... her favorite trick of the week!

Little nap under the umbrella with Memommy

Yup!  He's all mine!

We had a blast and we are already looking for our condo next year!  We are thinking we will go before the busy season and rent us a giant house- after all, we need to sleep 6 adults and 3 babies!

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  1. Look at that pretty girl at the beach!!! Also, Totally loving that last pic! We need to talk "Destin" when I'm down. We found an awesome neighborhood that y'all would LOVE!!! The houses range in size and the prices are great!


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