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Monday, July 15, 2013

Matt's First Father's Day

Matt celebrated his first Father's Day last month!  So proud of this daddy!  We had the Summitt side of our family in town that Saturday to celebrate.  We grilled yummy burgers and hot dogs Saturday night and opened presents.  It is so neat to see Matt as a dad.  He is already wrapped around Shelby's teeny finger.  Now, here are a million pictures of our weekend!

Nothing better than a glider nap with Shelbs

Lots of hugs with Grammie

And lots of hugs with Pops

3 Generations on Father's Day weekend!

Daddy kisses

So handsome!

Sunday morning- daddy picked out her whole outfit and dressed her!

Mmm my heart melted...

Couch cuddling!
We've been together 7 years last month.  We had so much fun when it was just the two of us.  However, life is even more rich and full now that Shelby is here!  It's such a blessing to be this dude's partner. 

Love you, Matt!

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