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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Vacation is Awesome

Today, I was on vacation. Here is what I did.

1.Made Matt breakfast (egg in a hole and bacon)
2.Picked up dog poop since garbage is picked up on Tuesdays and rolled the garbage down
3. Gave the dogs baths. I should video Bear sometime when she has to have a bath in cold water. She makes the most pitiful noises!
4. Washed the dogs' beds/ sheets and blew off all of the access hair from their patio
5. Went to the gym for about an hour.
6. Went to Target for a little Christmas shopping/ maybe got a little something for myself. Bought a blouse, tights, and a dress for $27.
7. Went to Kroger and got a few things I needed for our contribution to the Summitt Family Feast on Thursday.
8. Washed both sets of guest room sheets and washed our sheets.
9. Made pie crusts and froze them to have on hand
10. Made pizza crusts and froze them to have on hand. (1 will be dinner tomorrow!)
11. Prayed all day for Matt who was taking his ABV test. He said it was harder than the CPA! I am so proud of that dude. Results to come in February.
12. Dusted (my least favorite of all cleaning activities) and vacuumed
13. Cleaned all the bathrooms
14. Had dinner with some GREAT friends, Hunter and Carrie, at Texas Roadhouse. I. Am. Stuffed.
15. Ate half a bag of red hots... will probably finish when Matt goes to play video games with the youth group here in a minute... ignore number 14 about being stuffed. There is always room for red hots.

I have had a pretty productive day off. Tomorrow, we are hanging out since we will both be off and Matt will not be taking a 6hr 45min test! I think we will see a movie and hang around the house.

Going to finish out the day with a little Glee Episode,


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  1. Pretty Productive? Girl you did more in one day off that I do in a whole summer!


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