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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boys will be boys...

Let me introduce you to Hayden. He knew we would be frying turkeys for our Life Group Feast and had this brilliant idea...

Hayden brought Twinkies for us to fry! Matt and I wondered what they would taste like if they were fried in the same grease that the turkeys (which were marinated in mustard, Cavendars and season salt and injected with Cajun Injector Marinade) were fried.

Here they are basking in the glory of the fryer.

And Hayden trying to keep them cooking evenly.

Um, yum?

After they tried one, they all had a bite and said it was delicious

Plate full of fried Twinkies! They then proceeded to have a Twinkie eating contest. Hayden and Patrick each ate 2 and saw who could eat the fastest. Patrick won!

Here's to making a Twinkie even more fattening,

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