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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My First Mother's Day As a Mommy

Mommy, Daddy, and Shelby at PV Brunch

Mommy and sweet sweet Shelby baby
This year was my first Mother's Day as a mommy.  Last year on Mother's Day, we had been trying for a year.  I remember praying so hard that 2013 would be my first time to celebrate as a mommy.  10 days later, we found out that would be the case.  God answers prayers in His way and in His timing.  His omniscient, perfect timing. 

I never expected to love being a mommy so much.  Sure, there are really hard moments.  Sometimes Shelby cries and screams and I have no idea what to do.  I worry that she isn't doing what other babies her age are doing or that she doesn't do things exactly the way "the books" say she should.  I worry if she spits up or screams during tummy time.  I worry about leaving her with a sitter because she may scream at them the whole time.  But I love EVERY worrying moment.  I am so very thankful to be this sweet girl's mommy.  I love to rock her to sleep even though "the books" tell me not to do it.  I love reading to her and watching her little hands grab and touch the pictures.  I love to make her laugh.  I've always thought that making her daddy laugh was my favorite thing to do... until I made her laugh for the first time.  I will do anything to hear that sound!  I love that I am her food source.  I love that I have a little extra tummy fat still hanging around and eating just a little bit more than I should and knowing that I'm making food for my sweet baby.  I know that I will be sad at 6 months when she starts eating solids!  I love that we don't have to have a schedule.  We wake up when she wants to wake up and I let her set the pace of our day.  I worried about this too and then decided that I was worrying way too much.  We fly by the seat of our pants now.  And it's fabulous.

I am so grateful that God answered our prayers.  I know that so many people are hurting and trying to get pregnant and finding only disappointment month after month.  I remember those feelings.  I am immensely blessed and thankful every single minute of every day that God has given me this adventure of being Shelby's mommy.

Thank you, Lord!  May Shelby's life bring praise to Your name!

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  1. I felt the same pressures to start solids at 6 months but you DON'T have to! (Not even til she's 1 if you don't want.) I waited til 7 or 8 months with Elsa and would've kept going if not for the mastectomy, and you can see she's as fat and healthy as can be!


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