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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shelby is 3 Months Old


You are 3 months old!  I can't even believe it!  Every minute with you is more wonderful than the minute before.  You are really starting to develop a personality.  And let me tell you- you are one silly girl!

Shelby at 3 months!

Here are your stats:
  • You had your first Easter (previously blogged) at Grammie and Pops' house.  You had your very own Easter basket and the rest of us "kids" had to share one!  You got a bib, a bunny hat, some socks, some books, a chick that churped, and sunglasses!  You really racked up, kiddo!
  • You met the Easter Bunny (also previously blogged).  You were so brave!
  • You stopped using the nipple shield while feeding.  Mommy is so happy about this!  It makes feeding you much easier.  So proud of my big girl.
  • You had your first trip to the Quack Shack!  G-Pa was so excited that we used the QS to get away.  You really loved that special time with daddy and you took great naps there.
  • You love to read books.  You really love colorful pictures.  You sometimes put your hands on the colorful pictures while I am reading.
  • You have started "talking".  When we repeat you, you will talk some more!  And you smile really big because you are really proud.
  • You love to laugh at your daddy!  You think he is so funny!  He thinks you are funny too!
  • You are beginning to try to roll over.  You can do it if we help you with your arms- those mean old arms really get in your way.
We love you so very much!  I can't remember life with out you!  Thank you for being our sweet baby girl!

Loving bath time with daddy!

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