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Monday, June 13, 2011

PV Four Ball

The first weekend of June is now one of our favorite weekends of the year. I believe I blogged about it last year too. It's the PV Four Ball Tournament! It's a golf tournament at our country club that means 4 days of golf for Matt and our friend Jonathan and 3 nights of delicious meals, cute outfits, and watching golf for me and Rachel. Here we all are on the last night. Jonathon at the tee box.
Matt on the tee box.
Matt and Jonathon on the last day playing golf on Sunday. They got 2nd place in the consolation round of the first flight. Pretty good if I do say so!Me and my sweet friend Rachel just chillin in the gas golf cart. Have you ever ridden in one? It's the WORST sound. Golf carts are supposed to be quiet and these sound like "go" carts. HahaBlogger hates me. I thought I deleted this picture, so I uploaded it again. Then, it wasn't deleted. So now it's on here twice. Enjoy!

Rach and Jonathon watching the shoot out. Friday and Saturday night, they draw names for people to have the opportunity to shoot the last 3 holes that are in front of the club and most of the participants and their "ladies" watch the competitors. Pretty fun- especially when you have friends competing! We hope that one day Matt and Jonathon will have their names drawn to shoot.

These ducks were hanging out on the 18th green during the shoot out and I just thought it was so funny! They didn't care at all that dozens of people were around watching golf.

Goofy ducks!

Can't wait until next year, already!


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