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Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary Gifts

So, it was our 5th Anniversary! We felt like this was a milestone. We discussed that we would get nicer gifts this year than usual. I knew I wanted to get Matt a nice watch because I thought it would look so handsome with his suits. He told me he wanted to get me some jewelry too. However, he totally threw me for a loop. He surprised me Friday afternoon with this beautiful necklace.

Here it is up close. It has black and white diamonds set in white gold. MY OH MY! Well. Needless to say, I was very taken a back. I wore it out on our date and I loved it. However, when we got home, I took a peek at the receipt. It was way more than I thought should have been spent on me. So, I asked him to take it back. I did want some jewelry but maybe not something so expensive.

Here he is- so handsome! He is wearing the watch I got him.

Doesn't it look great on him?

So Matt wanted to get me what I wanted. What I really wanted was some nice sterling silvery jewelry. He got me the necklace that I am wearing in the picture when we got married and I love it! I didn't want to replace it. So, we went to the Brighton store and he got me the rings on my ring finger and the bracelet I am wearing and the earrings that you can't see in this picture.

Anyhoo, I just thought y'all would think we are funny with our gift giving. We really are. Matt hates surprises but I love them.

Can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries!!


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  1. First, LOVE the new background! It's too cute. Second, Matt did a great job choosing your necklace - it's beautiful. I understand though about taking it back...sometimes hubbys have hearts that are in the right place but they go a little overboard. :)


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