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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loves of Late

Hey sweet friends! Here are some things we have picked up lately that I love.

I spent the rest of my Christmas money on this beauty (and a dress). Went to Anthropologie (which is also a love) and found it in the sale section! I had seen it before Christmas but they didn't have my size. I walked back there this week and there it was! Oh my heart stopped. I was so excited! I have a funny story to tell about it but will share in the next blog I am about to post.

New bed pillows! My sweet MIL got them for me for Christmas. LOVE. It adds some color to the bed that was all olive green before.

SPRAY PAINT! I just really struggled with liking my blue bathroom for a while, but after I started spray painting the accessories white, I love it. It is so calming and crisp looking to me. My mommy gave me the pedestals (originally gold) and I spray painted them white. I got the vases at a garage sale for $1 each and the stems at Hobby Lobby this week since stems were half off. Then my best bud/ handy man Matt hung them for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Well, Matt finally got his office he has been so patiently waiting on since his promotion this past summer. We were buying him leather chairs for his seating area and stumbled across this AWESOME love seat! We got a GREAT deal and it matched everything perfectly. Our living room is now complete. And we can sit more than 4 people comfortably with out grabbing chairs from the dining room which is nice.

I also picked up the red pillows at Target on sale. (Notice I switched the brown pillows to the leather couch from the love seat. Which do you like better?)

Anyhoo. Those are our new accessories. I am so excited about all of them!!!

Thanks for taking the tour around the house,



  1. Cute cute cute! I think I like the brown pillows on the cream loveseat only bc it adds some oomph to it. The brown couch cushions almost have enough oomph on their own!

  2. I love your loves!!! :D It's such a wonderful feeling to complete projects in your home and it all looks fabulous! That living room looks so comfortable... let us know when the party is ;) My thoughts on the pillows....I like the brown on the loveseat but 4 pillows does seems like a lot. Then again we have decorative pillows not for heads to rest on but for simply decoration ;) Try splitting the brown pillows between sofas. So ivory/brown, brown, ivory/brown on the loveseat and then red, brown, red on couch OR you could just do ivory/brown, brown on loveseat (next to each other) and brown, red, ivory/brown, red (all together).

    Enjoy your new loves!!! :)

  3. I LOVE the vases in the blue bathroom... and what a deal! Call me next time you go garage-saling :)


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