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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visiting the Kegleys

Oh my goodness. I got to go see my sweet friend Kelli Kegley and her sweet, sweet baby boy Connor not too long ago. Carrie, Lindsey and I made the trek over to Nashville. It TRULY wasn't a bad drive at all. AND, we stopped at a gas station on the way that sold Coconut M&M's. I bought 5 bags and gave some away to friends. WHERE ARE THESE IN ARKANSAS? Anyhoo. We arrived late Friday night and slept in Saturday. Saturday morning, we got to go see them!

Isn't he precious! Look at that sweet little perfect nose! Doesn't Kelli look beautiful! It was AMAZING to see her be a mommy. It comes to her so naturally. He has her undivided attention and she is great at taking care of him. Connor was such a sweet baby. He just slept and cooed and made cute little faces all day long.

This picture shows him doing what he does best. Being handsome.

Here are our friends! Rachael and KJ and Layla came to hang out with us! It was so great to see Rach. Layla was a hoot and entertained us all at dinner. I was so thankful to be able to make the weekend trip. I am so proud of Kelli and Matt! Connor Kegley is one sweet dude!

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  1. And I LOVED having you here. Not only did I get to see you and you get to see my child, but I also got some new shoes out of it! (picked them up immediately!) Love your new picture. You are a skinny minny!


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