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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sydney Bristow

I would like to share with you my obsession that lasted approximately 2 months. Alias- The Complete Series. I love Sydney Bristow! She is one of the coolest characters I've ever watched. It started when Jessica Dasher mentioned to me that I "might like it". So, I added all the seasons to my Netflix cue. I would watch 1 disc each night. (Each disc contains 4 episodes.) Hey- what's a girl to do during tax season? I quickly realized that Netflix could not satisfy my addiction fast enough so I added the 2 disc package to our Netflix. That still wasn't fast enough. Luckily, I talked about it one night at LOST club and our little friend Griffin Templeton mentioned that he had all 5 seasons at home. I got them the next day and my love affair quickly progressed season by season.
Sydney Bristow believes she is working for a black ops division of the CIA called SD-6. When her fiance is killed, she realizes that she does not in fact work for the CIA. She betrays SD-6 and goes to work undercover for the CIA where she meets her handler Michael Vaughn and they fall in love. Her dad also works for the CIA and her mom- who she thought died when she was 6 is a traitor to the US and a "bad guy". It's awesome. I loved it. And I'm sad it's over. I think next tax season, I will do the same thing with Felicity. Also J.J. Abrams, also recommended by Jessica.

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  1. Sounds like a show I would like too. You will LOVE Felicity! It's one of my will end all too soon as well! Not too much longer in tax season!


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