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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

26th Birthday

2010 is the year that I have turned 26. How do I feel about that? I am not really sure.

You know, I know that I am happy and thankful to be here. I have a wonderful life- more than I ever dreamed possible really.
  • I have the best, sweetest, hardest working husband in the world. He is my best friend and I can call him during his busiest time of year (rough estimate 8 times during the work day) and he always stops and talks to me. Or at least calls me back promptly. He has worked incredibly hard the last several months and it is all for us. I am so proud of him. I wish I had the words to express to him how much I appreciate his sacrifice.
  • I have a wonderful family (both biological and in-law) and we are all healthy and happy. I am so excited this summer because we get to go on vacations with both of them!
  • I have a home that I am proud of, that we worked hard to save and have the money to put down on. I work hard (after working all day) to keep it clean and neat and presentable and I am proud of it. I love that I am able to serve through hospitality and host our Lifegroup every Wednesday.
  • I have the 2 best dogs on the planet. They have been my constant companions the last 3 months. They have kept me sane. They let me talk to them and rub them and play with them. They are ALWAYS happy to see me when I come home. Honestly, I would rather spend time with them than some people. Ok, maybe a lot of people. :)
  • I have a job that allows us to save for our future and provides great benefits for me should something happen to me. And as I am getting older, I am realizing that it would be ok if something happens to me. I remember after September 11, my sense of being "invincible" went away. I am scared to fly, I worry when in high places, and I am nervous in general. As I am aging though, I see that these things are all ok. That this isn't my home anyway.

As I reflect on the last 26 years, I can see that it is truly God who has put me in this place. I am humbled and thankful for the blessings that He has given me, and I hope that the next 26 years I can use them to bless others.

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