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Monday, November 23, 2009

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Midas is home! I met dad in Augusta Saturday at noon to pick him up. I went back into the bedroom and let him out of the kennel and he was so excited to see me! I have to admit I was very worried he would not remember me because six weeks is an awfully long time to be away at his age. He jumped on me and licked me and it was so fun to see him. Dad took me out in a field and showed me what Midas had learned in his 6 weeks there. I must say, I was quite impressed. Midas didn't do everything exactly like he should have, and I could tell that frustrated my dad. However, I was so impressed with what he had learned that it didn't matter to me. He is a lot more obedient.

However... we went out to take pictures for our Christmas Card Sunday after church. We have been waiting for Midas to come home because we obviously wanted him in the pictures. We went out to Lake Willestein here in Maumelle because we thought there would be some very picturesque scenes to choose from at the park. Having both dogs in a park can be a challenge because they want to run around everywhere- and I had heels on for the picture! So, we get to a spot that we think will work. Matt decided he didn't want the leashes in the picture so he removes Midas' leash. Well, there were ducks in the pond. Matt let go for a tiny second and Midas took off, ran down the hill and BELLY FLOPPED into the lake! He swam around- clear across the lake- chasing the ducks. He did this for at least 5 minutes and finally decided he wouldn't be catching one that day. It was hilarious. People stopped jogging and fishing to watch us screaming at our dog to come back! Matt had to wade in and try to catch him. Luckily, Juli, Matt's sister, was there and thought to snap a photo for the Kodak moment. It was hilarious. However, we are going to have to attempt another picture because we didn't quite get what we wanted in the shoot. We may be enlisting Juli's help again!


  1. hahahaha.. that is hilarious. We didn't have Snugs in our picture.. made me sad, but she never looks anyway.. haha.

  2. Literally laughed out loud!! :) I love it!


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