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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harding Homecoming

OH MY WORD!! Long overdue on this post. But it has been a crazy few weeks!

Harding Homecoming was October 31st! Several friends got together to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Ko Jo Kai Social Club at Harding. It was great to see a lot of girlfriends from my college years. It was so fun to see what all has happened in every one's lives and the different roads we have all taken since graduation. Jobs, marriages, kiddos, etc! I find it very hard to believe that I started out there 7 years ago. And little did I know that would be the most formative years of my life! I met my best friends there. I feel like I grew up emotionally there. I met Matt there. I began to truly appreciate my relationship with God there. I remember when I graduated thinking if I could do it all over again I wouldn't. Man was I wrong! I would love to go back and have my only responsibility be school and stay up late with girlfriends. (Oh to even be physically able to stay up late! ha-ha!) And hang out all afternoon with Matt doing nothing and maybe go fishing or maybe to Bulldog to get a Strawberry Shortcake or Thanks-a-latte for coffee- which isn't even open anymore. Or maybe to Cookie Basket for a delicious chicken salad and lemon-iced cookie. Shoot, I would even sit in chapel if I had to.

Anyhoo. Here is a picture of several friends! We also all contributed to a cookbook. I am so excited to try out the recipes in it soon!

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  1. Lana, i am so sad i couldnt see you at homecoming! :( Your post made me remember how much i miss college for all the same reasons you said!!! Hope yall are doing good! Miss you! :)


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