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Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Dyson Vacuum

So, we have 2 inside dogs that shed and we vacuum a lot. 2 or 3 times a week. Well, I think that's a lot. Other people may not. Anyhoo, we have had a Eureka for 2 years. We have been pretty happy with it for the most part, but have recently thought that it may be slacking in its performance. It is also really heavy and hard to push around the house. It has been bothering Matt more than me though. So, he began the research. Now, whenever Matt is going to purchase something big (big being more than $100) he will do some serious research before the purchase. He started the research process and realized that in the junk drawer I keep 20% off coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond. So, he had the day off yesterday since he just finished his fall busy season and he went to BB and B and he bought me the Dyson Roller Ball Vacuum!!! We were absolutely amazed at the difference! See for yourself.

He dumped out the canister 7 times! I could not believe what this vacuum picked up. Also, in the recent wet weather we've been enjoying, we have begun to smell a faint cigarette smoke smell. We think it is coming from the closet carpet because the previous owner of our home smoked. I think this vacuum has helped with the smell. it is also way lighter than our other vacuum. Anyhoo, I just had to share this.

I love Saturdays. I did Race for the Cure this morning. It was so amazing. They estimated 45,000 participants. I always love to see the survivors in their pink shirts and hats. But the signs that say "In Memory of" make me so sad. It's such an awful disease, and I can't wait for God to send us the cure. It also REALLY made me miss Rach and Kelli and our little group of girls we always did the race with in school. This was my first time to do the Arkansas Race for the Cure with out them. I did see Rach's mom though from a distance! Matt is alseep in his recliner, Bear is asleep on the ottoman, and I am about to wrap all up in my pink snuggie and watch the hogs. All we need is Midas, but I bet he is having a blast running around with those other puppies though. Here is a picture of him training! Mom and dad say he is doing really well! doesn't he look funny! Haha.

Go Hogs! Woooo pig soooiee!

1 comment:

  1. So many things to say! Bear (haha) with me...

    1) I am SOOO jealous of your Dyson. Can I please vacuum when I come?? And can you bring it with you the next time you visit?

    2)I wish I could have been there to do Race for the Cure. I didn't do it here this year and this is my first year not to since high school. Sad times.

    3) You have a PINK snuggie??? I have never seen the pink one!

    4) Is Midas chained to something? Or is that just an illusion? ;)

    Love you!


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