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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Arkansas Lottery

I think it's hilarious to kid with Matt and say that I think we are going to win the lottery. I say funny things like, "It's ok if we were to buy (fill in the blank). I will win the lottery and that will pay for it). I can just see him cringe each time I say it and I can hear his little CPA mind thinking, "Does she REALLY think that? She's going to break us buying lottery tickets!!!" But in all seriousness, Arkansas just implemented a new lottery in September. I had been wanting to buy some tickets so I finally did. I bought 2 of the $2 scratch off cards and realized very quickly that I can not do that on a regular basis.

On one card I won back $2. So, I went back a few days later and I thought to myself, "Self, why not buy another ticket with these winnings?" So I bought my gas and turned in said ticket for another lottery ticket. (This new ticket would no doubt win me some major cash). I had to write my name and contact information on the back so now I know I will be receiving lottery "junk mail". Anyhoo, I won $4! Now, that would have made me even had I just turned in the new ticket and taken the cash. But oh no that wouldn't do. I could win up to $20,000! So, I turned in that ticket and got two more! I very eagerly scratched off my numbers and what do you know... those had nothing on them! No money. So, let that be a lesson to you (and by you I mean me, Lana Summitt) that the lottery is quite addicting and I can not be allowed to play it. I voted for the lottery and I signed the petition to bring it here. However, I now understand a little bit better the argument against it saying that people spend their whole pay check on it. I can see how.

So, what would I do with $20,000 you ask? I know exactly what I would do. After taxes it would be significantly smaller which is depressing. So, I would take out the tax amount and then we would go out for a nice dinner and a movie. Then I would pay off some debt. Isn't that exciting and grown up of me?

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