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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shelby 21 Months

Oh my Shelbster.  You're 21 months old.  You:

  • Know the letters y, x, and o.  
  • Say "Hi Mommy" about a million times a day... I love it
  • You have started to play and talk with yourself and animate some things.  I love to sit and watch you.  
  • You now tell me whenever you "boo poo".  I am hoping that this means potty training will be easier?
  • You love to point out a "ba pane" or air plane as they fly by.  Even when we hear them in the house you point it out.
  • You think any lawn mower or tractor noise is daddy.
  • You also say "dosh" for "gosh" which your mommy and daddy both say.  I'm not proud of this. You even use it appropriately.  If you drop something on the ground or if you even look at my face and can tell I'm frustrated you say it.  CONVICTED!  Mommy feels awful about it.
  • You love to dance to music in the car
  • You love to sing some of the words to Frozen too.  They pop out every once in a while.
  • I've started you at MDO on Tuesdays.  This was a really hard decision for me because I love to spend my days with you!  But, you love it and I think you are learning how to play with friends.
  • You also got your two bottom incisors!  I can't believe how many teeth you have!


I love you so much!  Thank you for being my sweet girl!

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