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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shelby 20 Months Post

    Oh Shelby.  I never add all of the pictures I get of you when I take these each month but I thought I would show off your silly personality.  I went back and read your 19 month post and truly everything is pretty similar.  No new huge milestones this month.  You have one new tooth up top left- a molar.  You also have just figured out eating really well.  I know this sounds silly since you will be 2 soon but, you will just eat what mommy gives you now and you haven't done that until this month.
    Since there aren't many big changes to share, I will just share our average day.  I try to get us out of the house in the mornings.  On Mondays we go to Pre School Bible story time at church.  On Tuesdays we go to the library and do Mother Goose Story time- you absolutely love this.  On Wednesdays we usually meet with friends and play.  Nothing regular on Fridays, but we usually find something!  On Thursdays mommy has Bible study at church and you go with me and play with your friends.  We eat lunch around 11 and you nap at 12 pretty much on the dot daily.  You sleep for about 2 hours.  Then we are up and eating snack and we either go to the park or play outside.  You love to run around and it's so good for you.  We then eat supper, you take a bath, and then we read and play before Bible and Prayers and bed.  Some days are slow and they drag.  Some days go by so fast.  Sometimes, when we are coming home from our morning time playing, you will fall asleep in the truck.  Then, mommy gets to carry you in and rock you while you sleep for a few minutes.  This time and the rare times you wake up in the middle of the night are the only times you are still with me.  My heart is so happy during these special moments.  I just hold you and pray for you and soak in the moment of how proud I am to be your mommy.

I love you so much my Shelby June!

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