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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meeting P-Dub

So I was browsing PW's website a few weeks ago and thought, "I wonder where she is going on her book tour?" Low and behold, she was coming to Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Memphis! And, do you know who had already planned to be in Collierville and took a day off of work? ME! I was just beside myself when I realized that I would be able to meet her.

Here is the banner announcing her signing. I should have called the bookstore before. The way it was organized, Davis-Kidd had everyone get line assignments and they did it alphabetically. We got there at 4:30 for the 6pm signing thinking we could get in the front of the line and thought it was strange that no one else was there yet. Well, they all knew the secret and had received their line assignment before hand. We got the letter "N" and knew we would be in for a long day. My family was a bunch of troopers. In fact, Lauren was my personal photographer! We waited 5 hours, but we finally got to meet her at 9:30.

Here she is when she first walked up. All of the women were FREAKING out because she said she brought Marlboro Man. She was so sweet and kind and funny and gorgeous!

Here is the group waiting for Marlboro Man to sign our books. He was so gracious and probably signed the same amount of books that she did.
OK, can you say star struck? All that was going through my head was that I've prepared and eaten all of his favorite recipes and his favorite cookies are now my favorite cookies and how I would love to come to his ranch and ride horses and heard cattle and does he love Charlie as much as Ree does and how crazy does he think I am standing here for hours waiting to meet his wife? I walked up to him and just stared and him and handed him my book and all that would come out of my mouth was, "Duh, duhr, dur, duhhh". What a moron.
Thankfully, I was able to throw on my smile and pose for a picture with him.
Tina and Phyl were a so silly and were so excited to take a picture with him. Here is Tina.

My Aunt Phyl was more excited about MM than PW. It was pretty funny.

And here was the big moment. Y'all, I know that I am being so silly about this. I was just so thrilled to meet her. I told her, "For the last year and a half everyone that has come to my house has had something prepared from your cook book." She asked, "And did it go over well?" And I said, "Everytime!" (During this time she was signing my BHTTW book.) Then she moved down to my cookbook and saw that it is falling apart from use. She said, "It's falling apart! It shouldn't do that! Email me and I will send you another one!" And then I said to her, "Or I could just come pick it up at the ranch!" And she said, "Yeah, you could just come home with us!" I'm not going to ask her for another one. My tattered and bruised cookbook is too special to me. She was so kind and she looked beautiful and her nails were painted a beautiful gray color and I just can't tell you how excited I was to be able to meet her!

Anyway, here is the photo I got with her. Thanks to Lauren my personal photographer and sweet sister who sat in that bookstore all afternoon after having worked all night Thursday and getting 3 hours of sleep.

This blog post can not begin to portray my excitement,


  1. SSSOOOOO exciting!! I live here and had NO idea she would be in town... So happy you got to meet her and they both are such handsome people!!!

  2. SUPER Jealous you got to meet her!!! AND Marlboro Man!!!!


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