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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shelby 17 Months

17 Months and Goofy all the time
Shelby!!!!  You're an angel.  You're hilarious and fun.  You are so smart and very observant.  You love to copy people and want to do things on your own and with no help.  It makes me proud and sad at the same time!  You still want to go to the tallest slide and bang your little legs up the whole way climbing the stairs.  Here are some fun things you're doing:

  • You love to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and do the hand motions.
  • 2 more teeth are coming in on the bottom (one on each side of your two bottom middle teeth).  They have really been keeping us up at night.  I feel so bad for you.
  • You've started biting us- I think because your teeth hurt!
  • Now, when we ask you questions, your answer is "um" instead of yes all the time.  Too Funny.
  • You have started to sleep through the night consistently- minus the whole teeth issues.
  • You've started repeating what we say when we ask, "Can you say xxx?"  You will say it.
  • You now know the cow says "moo" or "mmmm" and the cat says "meow" or "myow".
  • You also got to eat your first cup cake.  You spotted it on the kitchen counter and you wouldn't stop crying until I gave it to you.  I believe you have your dad's sweet tooth.
First cup cake
You LOVE to swing and play at the park
Playing in Grammie and Pops Garden
Chillaxin in your chair
In the Spring River at Mammoth Springs
Mommy and daddy

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