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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shelby is 9 Months Old

Oh my baby Shelby.  I can't believe how big you are!  Every day with you is an adventure. Here are the fun things you did during your 9th month of life.

  • You think it's hilarious when I tell you "no".  You giggle every time!
  • You had your first "boo boo". You bumped your head on one of mommy's weights in the hearth room.  Poor Angel!
  • You love to clap!  When we say "Yay!" you stop whatever you're doing and clap your sweet hands.
  • You wave- sometimes!  Sometimes you start out waving and that turns to clap haha.
  • You pull up on EVERYTHING.  You are so proud and think you are a big girl when you do this.
  • You took steps with the walker that we got you.
  • You aren't gaining enough weight so we are adding formula to your bottles.  I can already tell a huge difference.  You are so busy, you're burning everything you eat!
  • You pat things- including us when we pick you up.  I. LOVE. THIS.
  • "Da-da" is your favorite thing to say.
  • You have started to dance and bounce when music comes on.  I also love this!
  • You also love Praise Baby.  We bought one of the DVDs and CDs and you love them both.
And I love you!  SOOOOO much.  You also had a snotty nose for basically the entire month.  Not fun!

Thank you for making me a mommy!

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